,,New Vision“ offers corporate customers a multichannel number using E1 connectivity. E1 connectivity like VoIP technology provides high quality and secure connectivity.

Unlike city telephone numbers, multichannel number allow us to use all the advantages of modern telephone systems without internet connection.

The service is favorable for companies that do not have a built-in telephone network or do not want to use the Internet for communications.


  • High quality phone connection
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls
  • The possibility of redirection to several calls simultaneously
  • Attach phone number to several phones
  • Free conversation with the internal network
  • Quick transfer of phone number when location is changing
  • 100% accuracy call accounting
  • Statistics / Analytics full opportunity
  • High quality security

,,New Vision“ team is ready to come on the ground, individually consider your requirements and create the best service for your company.

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