IP PBX is a modern office telephone system that allows the company to use the full call service. Through IP PBX, it is possible to merge the head office and other geographically distinct branches within one telephone network.


The company needs to introduce the service

VoIP service


Telephone Equipment

Server (in case of not having a server ,,New Vision“ offers a system on its server)


IP PBX functions

Unlimited number of incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously

3-4 digit internal network number

voice mail

IVR interactive voice menu

Determine the expectation regime and sequence

Set the desired melody on row mode

Call routing

Call forwarding (internal numbers, mobile phone and city number)

Automatic secretary

Minimum and timely limit of internal number

The possibility of recording the conversation

Voice mail

Voice and video conferencing connection

Call monitoring and statistics

გარდა ამისა კომპანია ,,ნიუ ვიჟენი“ გთავაზობთ

  • Individual project of the modern telephone system, adapted for your business
  • 24 hour technical monitoring and updating of the telephone station
  • Porting opportunity in our network without changing the phone number
  • Free installation and technical training
  • In case of not having a server, the possibility of using the ,,New Vision" telephone station 
  • Personal Manager service
  • Check the online debts
  • Detailed extract

,,New Vision“ team is ready to come on the ground, individually consider your requirements and create the best service for your company.

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